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Gets Over You T-shirt, LP, CD, and downloads of the album and instrumentals. Digital downloads delivered immediately.

This offer contains:

-I Can't Speak For You
-Good Man
-Can't Keep Running
-Tell Everyone The Truth
-Should've Told Me
-I Could Kiss You (I Could Cry)
-He Used To Be
-Half As Much
-Call Girl
-'Til It Went Wrong
-Higher (Instrumental)
-'Til It Went Wrong (Instrumental)
-Call Girl (Instrumental)
-Half As Much (Instrumental)
-He Used To Be (Instrumental)
-I Could Kiss You (I Could Cry) (Instrumental)
-Should've Told Me (Instrumental)
-Tell Everyone The Truth (Instrumental)
-Good Man (Instrumental)
-Can't Keep Running (Instrumental)
-I Can't Speak For You (Instrumental)
-Gets Over You CD
-Gets Over You LP
-Gets Over You T-Shirt

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)
-Source Audio

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